Any accessory for a smartphone should be comparable in size with him, otherwise mobility and work comfort will deteriorate dramatically.

Masterkey’s projected keyboard technology has been developed by its authors since 2014

The contrast parameter is 2000

Masterkey’s projected keyboard technology has been developed by its authors since 2014; they wanted to get not just a toy for geeks, but a universal gadget that will make the rejection of physical keyboards a reality. Just because you can at any time deploy on the table at home or on the wall in the audience a virtual counterpart. The projector provides an increase in the image up to 120 inches diagonally, but with a maximum resolution of 854×480 pixels, the image does not differ in detail.

the brightness is not more than 100 lumens, manual sharpness correction. By default, a 245×110 mm keyboard is projected; an integrated infrared camera tracks “clicks” at up to 350 characters per minute. Masterkey 4.0 connects to a phone with iOS / Android via Bluetooth 4.0, and to other devices via USB or HDMI. The capacity of the built-in battery is 5200 mAh, there is a microSD port.

The startup offers two versions of the projected keyboard, the base one at $ 179 and a business model for $ 225. If the fundraising goes according to plan, Masterkey 4.0 will be available in January 2019 for sale.


Designer Michael Young spent six years on what he called the “crazy science project.” It was an attempt to create an intermediate link between a classic hammer and a nail. The device had to combine the function of charging and filing nails under the blow, but at the same time it worked only at the expense of muscular strength and was controlled with one hand.

The designer achieved his goal by 99%, he invented, tested and brought the technology to the appearance of a workable prototype. However, despite the serious interest, the implementation of a complete product, in metal, and not only in the form of a plastic 3D model, did not take place. Zero demand from commercial structures that do not want to invest in a dubious product.

The self-loading hammer Young uses the same nail cage as the construction nails. The top of the hammer is divided into three parts: the impact surface, the nail feed mechanism and the ejection system of one of them. On the side of the hammer there is a button with a safety lock – if you turn the tool flat and hit it, the top nail from the holder goes into the ejection chamber. A light aiming strike is enough for him to fly out and stick into a tree, and then it can be hammered in the usual way. All manipulations are carried out with one hand.


Everyone knows that wireless charging and power banks are incredibly convenient. Powerbank will help out when the battery of the mobile device is completely empty, and there are no sockets nearby. BricksPower is doubly convenient.

The gadget can be attached to a smartphone, charging the latter wirelessly or in a traditional way.

BricksPower, without the need for wires, allows you to charge your smartphone anywhere. The charging process does not interfere with the use of the cellular device for its intended purpose. The novelty is attached to the back of the smartphone using a magnetic grip.

BricksPower is suitable for all gadgets that support wireless charging technology. If there is no such function in a smartphone, you can use the standard method – cable. Due to the novelty, any mobile device gets an additional 2,400 mAh.

When BricksPower is not needed, it is easily detached. The cost of a useful device is $ 24 excluding the cost of shipping to the country of the buyer.



Several years ago, Dean Miller created a modified guitar with servos Tele Servo Bender. Inspired by the success, he did not rest on his laurels and this is his latest novelty – a stringless bass synthesizer with autonomous power and LED backlighting – FM Synth Bass.FM Synth Bass has an unusual conical shape: it was made from an acrylic cylinder cut at a certain angle. Instead of four strings traditional for bass guitars, electronic ThinPot linear position sensors are installed in special neck grooves along with four potentiometers.

Wrist Band 


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